Our firm has achieved an excellent combination of counseling and management services in all legal notarial matters involving corporate and business law through the synergy of our lawyers with Notary Public Silvia M Espósito. In tax issues focused on the insurance industry, we offer top-quality assistance, counseling and defense services through our cooperation agreement with ‘Estudio Moar & Asociados’ (accounting and actuarial services).

Through the combined experience of our professional staff we have become a highly specialized firm in the resolution of contentious and conflictive matters through alternative conflict resolution methods.

Practice Areas

Insurance and Reinsurance Law

Insurance law:

  • Advice on drafting of insurance policies and reinsurance agreements.
  • Representing clients before insurers and reinsurers regulator and consumer protection government entities.
  • Advice on coverage issues, claim handling and litigation, both in national courts and arbitration, civil responsibility, marine, public liability, medical and professional malpractice, product liability, transport, personal accident and work risks.
  • Collaboration in claim´s analysis and settlement, assisting liquidators appointed by the client.
  • Advice on conflicts between Insurance act (N°17.418), insurance policies and the Consumer and User Protection Act (N°24.240 and 26.361, respectively). Representing insurers in multiple class actions by consumers’ associations for alleged miss-pricing and use of abusive clauses.

 Reinsurance law:

  • Advise on contractual matters, special clause drafting, decisions about contractual situations arising due to the force of the events (e.g. effects of the Sunset and Sunrise Clauses in relation to accidents in a Stop Loss agreement).
  • Advise on accidents; auditing about portfolio of assignor accidents in tort liability.
  • Drafting and advise on Cut Off contracts, portfolio termination, arbitration and other alternative methods.
  • Registration of Foreign Reinsurance Entities at the Superintendence of Insurance of the Nation and at the Office of the Argentine Inspector-General for Justice; yearly maintenance of such registrations; legal representation of reinsurers before government and judicial authorities, etc.

Tax, Customs and Exchange Law

  • General advice and tax planning.
  • Proceedings before collection bodies and follow-up of legal actions.
  • Contentious proceedings before the National Tax Court, both in tax and customs matters.
  • Court defenses before the Federal Contentious Administrative Court and Defenses before the National Supreme Court of Justice.
  • Advice about the fiscal impact of the different legal issues such as tax-free company reorganization, tax aspect of mergers and split-offs, low tax cost company financing, transfer of ongoing concerns, tax foreclosures, tax exemptions, tax liability of directors, assistance in Tax Inspections, transfer pricing, analysis and application of international conventions.
  • Customs Law, matters related to violations, endorsements and sureties, refunds, summary proceedings, tax refunds, and general customs advice.
  • Analysis of exchange laws: Central Bank communications. Entry and exit of currencies, Criminal Tax Law.

Corporate Law and Representation

  • Company creation and foreign company branch registration (drafting of by-laws, articles of incorporation, registration with the Inspectorate of Companies and/or Public Registry of Commerce).
  • Legal representation of foreign shareholders in corporate matters and before Comptrollers.
  • Shareholders’ Agreements, Enterprise Cooperation Agreements, Temporary Business Association, Consortiums and Joint Ventures.
  • Creation of financial and housing building trusts.
  • Capital increases and amendments to by-laws or articles of association.
  • Advice regarding company reorganization, bankruptcy and creditors` rights, including claim recovery.
  • General and special business agreements (representation, agency, medical assistance services, etc.).

Damages and tort liability

  • Civil and commercial trials, administrative procedures and dispute solution through alternative methods.
  • Local and foreign customer representation before the federal and local courts (including the Supreme Court).
  • Participation in arbitrations, as arbiters, legal counsel or expert witnesses.

Labor Law

  • Individual labor conflicts; drafting of different types of employment contracts; customized advice; employment contract termination severance. Advice on different aspects entailed in the Occupational Risk Insurance activity, resolutions, management of administrative summary proceedings, defenses due to eventual penalties.
  • Advice to Enterprise Chambers in relation to the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements and drafting thereof, aspects related to labor safety and hygiene.
  • Contentious labor matters and dispute solution at the SECLO.

Family Law and Successions

  • Court and out-of-court legal advice on divorce, maintenance and child custody.
  • Advice in case of conflicts among heirs and in hereditary transfer planning.

Personal Data Protection

  • Court and out-of-court legal advice about the protection of personal data.
  • Database registration at the National Direction of Personal Data Protection.
  • International transfer of data bases and implementation of global personal data protection programs.